Sunday, August 9, 2020

Back to the future

Here in Oz we had a music program that started when I was a teenager called Countdown.  It was a regular watch on Sunday night on the ABC.  It was awesome.  Tonight @ 5:30p Penny put the ABC on and they had this awesome show called "The sound".  The aim is to showcase new Australian talent (and some not so new) in various empty venues around the country.  The music was both good and not so good.  It was all homegrown.  The highlight for me was a remote group including about 5 or six different artists singing Friday on my Mind.  You could do worse than watch this show.

Image from a concert that Penny and I went to in 2013 with the Whitlams. We were in the second row.  I look forward to a day when we can go to a similar concert again...

The second image is the set list from the show.

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