Wednesday, August 11, 2021


Taken on this day back in 2014.  This was for a self portrait challenge back on G+  The word was jump.  I used the timer on the camera to take this on my way to work.  Took around 4 goes to get exactly what I was after...

The conversation

Taken on this day in 2017.  This was on the set of the movie 'A Beautiful Request' by Alex Broun directed by Robert Chuter.  I note that it is still unreleased.  Here is a link to the movie on IMDB...  I get a 'still photography' credit :)

Pictured are Phoebe Jakober (Salome) and Guillym Davenport (William) deep in conversation on the St Kilda foreshore.  Not long after this a storm swept in across the bay and filming was shutdown for the day.