Saturday, March 14, 2020

People are scared

This morning I visited my local supermarket, as I do every Saturday morning.  Normally at 7 am I am one of perhaps 5 customers.  This morning was insane...  There were 100 - 150 customers in the shop and the car park was full.  The girl manning the checkouts said that at 5:30 there were 40 people waiting to get in the shop.

I shudder when I think what it will be like later in the day.  I do not think this is going to end well and it is not the virus that is going to do the damage.

Stay safe everyone.  Be careful out there it is a jungle.

Image from happier times at Port Fairy

The commuters

Jammed in like sardines on the early morning train


The city of Melbourne catches the first rays of the sun and glistens like a jewel.

Image from the top step of Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance looking directly down St Kilda road/Swanston street

On this day - 14th of March

last year I lined up at the drug doughnut kitchen to get my fix of sugar.  It was all in the name of the scavenger hunt and the word donut (sic.). 

The irony here is that the van is called the American Doughnut (correct spelling) Kitchen.  This is a Melbourne institution and has been operating out of the Queen Victoria Market since the 1950's...  YUM!!!