Sunday, December 29, 2019

Word of the day - Beverage

As I rather like my beverages this was an easy one.  This image was used back in hunt 25 for the word whistle...  In this case there is a saying (Wet your whistle) that goes back to the middle ages in England where the mugs had a whistle in on them to summon the bar wench when you needed a top up.  Here in Australia it is still used to mean drink an ice cold beer on a hot day.  As it is currently heading towards 100 Fahrenheit (Currently 37 C) here in Melbourne right now I might just go and wet my whistle.

12 Photo Assignments of 2020

Just a reminder that the "12 Photo assignments of 2020" starts in a couple of days. The only rule is that the photo must be taken in 2020 and presented in the last week of the month associated with each word.  So if you want you can take all of your photos in January.  It is not important.  The person that I judge to have the best image each month will be made the header of the community for the following month.

A jumble of shoes

Here are the words along with their due dates

Shoes - Due between 25th and the 31st of January

Shadows - Due between 23rd and the 29th of February

Sand - Due between 25th and the 31st of March

Sign - Due between 24th and the 30th of April

Silence - Due between 25th and the 31st of May

Season - Due between 24th and the 30th of June

Spin - Due between 25th and the 31st of July

Silly - Due between 25th and the 31st of August

Superimpose - Due between 24th and the 30th of September

Spirit - Due between 25th and the 31st of October

Scream - Due between 24th and the 30th of November

Sinful - Due between 25th and the 31st of December

This challenge will be run on Tipua within the group "12 Photography Assignments" and all entries will need to be posted in there.  As this is a private group and you need to be a member if you wish to either view the entries or want to participate.  Yes you can be a member and not participate.  If you have not used Tipua feel free to check it out.  Currently it is a small social site with a couple of hundred members.  We are always happy to welcome new members.

The address for Tipua is and for the "12 Photography Assignments" group

For something different in 2020 all of the words are going to start with the letter S. How you present these words as an image is entirely up to you. This exercise is not about pressure, or feeling like you have to present something.  It is about having fun with the aim to get you taking photos (preferably matching the theme) at least once per month.

Have fun!!!



This morning Penny and I had a pleasant walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens here in Melbourne...  The weather was perfect.   Here is a small selection of what we saw there

On this day - 29th of December

In 2013 I was at the MCG to watch a boxing day ashes test between Australia and England.  This photo was taken on day 4 and is the last ball (circled) racing towards the boundary.  The batsmen is Chris Rogers and the bowler was Monty Panesar.  Micheal Clarke (the captain) was the other not out batsmen.