Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The field

Some time ago I saw a piece of art that had a fence line extending to the borders of the image.  I liked the idea so much that I decided to try and replicate it with one of my images.

Canola fields

This image was taken across the canola fields of Kangaroo Island when we visited there in 2018.  It is a beautiful place.  This image has been digitally altered to replace the sky using Luminar 4.  It is amazing how good a job software can do at manipulating images

Sunday, May 29, 2022

The forest

The view last week when I had a walk around the Dandenong Ranges NP.  This is the top of One Tree Hill.  Clearly there are more trees than one 

Friday, April 15, 2022

Anzac biscuits

True to form my local MP sent me a recipe for Anzac biscuits.   He has sent me this every year for as long as he has been the local member.  I don't mind the biscuits...  But would prefer if he sent me a biscuit rather than the same crap that I can't eat.  Like everything he delivers it has no value to me and he is probably charging me for it anyway 🙂  

His slogan for the upcoming election is Delivering for Deakin.  So far I see him delivering the following, shopping bags with his name on it, Anzac biscuit recipes and an overpriced CCTV system for our local shopping centre (very low crime area and they already had one).  What he hasn't delivered is much more important.  At the last three elections there have been promises.  In the first two to build a netball centre ($5 Million in 2013 and $10 million in 2016) at Nunawading and a car park at Mitcham station ($15 million).

I am aware of people that voted Liberal on the strength of all of these promises.  The car park in particular was listed as fully funded with works already underway.  Here is a quote from the local members own website "these are not election commitments; these are fully funded, and work has already commenced on them" https://www.michaelsukkar.com.au/speeches/adjournment-debate-1400-car-parks-at-mitcham-ringwood-and-croydon/ Not only has this work not commenced in the case of the Mitcham site it is not possible to build there due to quite a large water pipe that runs under the existing carpark.

Bottom line the local member said whatever he felt was needed to be said to get re-elected.  Is there a more blatant attempt at pork barrelling? Probably not.  For the record none of the car parks proposed by him have been built or had works started on them.  We also do not have a netball centre in Nunawading.  Interestingly this election very little has been promised so far.  Most likely we are not marginal enough.

Anyway...  Back on topic here is the recipe for them as presented by Michael Sukkar (again), I hope you enjoy them...  They are delicious

Thursday, March 24, 2022


Here is another to add to my cinematic theme.  This is Logans beach near Warnambool in Victoria.  You can see fog draping over the escarpment like waterfalls off into the distance.  Aside from contrast tweaks and a cinematic crop this is pretty much how it looked on the day.


The exam hall at the University of Melbourne.  I was walking through the Uni on my way to work and snapped this through the window in 2018.  I just loved the way the morning light filled the hall

Sunrise across the fields

This was the scene on Sunday morning from our bed and breakfast.