Saturday, February 13, 2021

High tea

Penny enjoying a relaxing cup of tea after a hard days work.  

Seem to be a few nibbles too...  Hope some are for me :)

Reflections on Pandemic

This book available on Amazon (Australian link here). Is a cooperative effort by a group of photographers in an attempt to make sense of the pandemic.  You can download a digital copy for free from here.  The image on the cover is mine and was taken on one of my first trips in to the Melbourne CBD for work during the lockdown.  What it shows is that life goes on.  There is always time for a morning cup of coffee.  The location is the corner of Spring and Lonsdale street in Melbourne.

Street artist

Street artist at work in Hosier lane Melbourne.  This was taken during the middle of our extreme lockdown in July last year.  I have never seen Hosier lane this empty.  It is a magnet for locals and tourists.

Lavender head

Taken at night with an off camera light source.  Extreme closeup


This image taken last year on this day, was taken at a spot that I have taken a large number of photos.  However I have never shared one from here.  It is the path leading to the cafe at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.  I have pictures here in different weather, times of day and even different lens and camera combinations.  While it is the same every time I visit it is subtly different.