Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Film Noir

Fastest clock

This is an image from a play that I photographed called the fastest clock in the universe.

Low tide

Low tide

When the tide goes out it can leave moored boats high and dry

Word of the day (bonus edition) - Numbers

Lucky 7

This photo was taken for my first scavenger hunt and received a 3rd place from one of the judges.  The theme was "Animals are awesome".  Pictured here is the original unedited image.

Word of the day - Numbers


Number 1 photographer

Exhibition Buildings

Exhibition Buildings

While we are talking about magnificent architecture it is hard to go past the Melbourne Exhibition buildings.  This building is ingrained into the Melbourne psyche.  It was the site of Australia's first parliament amongst other things.  It has been recognised for it's importance by receiving a World Heritage listing. Which includes the surrounding Carlton gardens.