Wednesday, November 13, 2019



Selective colour street photography

Word of the day - Emotion

Emotion angry edition

This was created for a scavenger hunt back in 2015.  The theme was angry.  I came up with the idea of emulating the character "Angry" from the Pixar movie inside out.  It was fun to do.  I have included a picture of the original character so that you can see where I drew the inspiration from :)

(C) Disney Pixar - Not my work but great movie.  See it if you haven't already

On this day - 13th of November

13th of November

On this day in 2017 I was chasing shadows.  In this case as the sun was rising and it splashed this across my office wall

Creepy head

Creepy head

Creepy dolls head...  You looking at me?