Hunt 26

Scavenger hunt 26

I had an additional challenge this round where I wanted to include the colour green in every image.  This proved difficult for the word sepia.

This interpretation of the word courage received a third place from Judge Dave DeBaeremaeker and an honourable mention from judge Gilmar smith. the winners album can be found here

I wanted to convey a message of overcoming negativity with this image.  Literally cutting out the doubts.

 This interpretation of the word coward received an honourable mention from two of the four judges (Gilmar Smith and Levi Sim) as well as the dream team.  The winners album can be found here.

Committing suicide is a coward act.  If you have suicidal feelings talk to someone ...  anyone ... ask for help.

The winners album can be found here

For this word I wanted to convey the old style vaudeville acts.  I was happy with the way this image turned out even if in the current world it is not politically correct...  I am old and crotchety... 

"Get off my lawn!!!"

I failed to enter a picture for the Word Home.  Here is the winners album


The winners album can be found here

I was after a planet of the apes feel here.  There is a scene where the monkeys are attacking from the trees.  It didn't work :)  Was a fun shoot though.  We had a trip to a local national park and the monkeys are suspended with fishing line.


The winners album can be found here

When the word rainbow and the theme was announced as "Welcome to Oz".  I had decided that I would take a picture of this building.  However when I went to take the photo the vertical colour bars had been replaced with simple white tubes...  Boy was I annoyed...  This image was actually taken on the last day before uploads of images closed.  I had already submitted my images so I asked for special permission from Lauri to replace my rainbow image.  My original image is here

Alternate for Rainbow - NOT USED

This was my original choice for rainbow.  It has never been published


The winners album can be found here

I was trying to be clever here...  I went with railroad.  Apparently the judges didn't get it :)

Selective colour

The winners album can be found here

The selective colour image was created using Photoshop.  This was done by creating a second layer and converting it to black and white.  Then masking out the specific area that you wanted in colour.  In this image it is the entire eye including the whites.  As my eyes are not green I then colourized them to change them from hazel to emerald green. There are other adjustments to the luminance of each eye to make the colour stronger.


The winners album can be found here

What can I say a steam train (Puffing Billy) arriving at Emerald station.  I wanted steam and smoke in this image...  You can't always get what you want :)  I like this image

I failed to enter a picture for the Word Wizard.  Here is the winners album

For what I did submit I am happy with all of the images.  My favourite idea was courageand my favourite photo is sepia...  Trying to make a sepia image that is green is difficult.  Using the word emerald solved the problem

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