Saturday, November 20, 2021

Penny's hunt images

Here are all of Penny's hunt images for those that may be interested

Hunt contact sheet - Penny

For the record I did not participate in the current hunt.  I did however collaborate on ideas and execution with Penny and this is the result for this round. The words left to right and top to bottom are.  Backlight (Third place), Collection, Cow (First place), Crooked, two shades of Green, Party, Reaction, Temptation, Tin (honourable mention) and Tool.

I can say that Tool was my favourite.  The idea was to present the word tool in AUSLAN (sign language) and also show that a hand can be a versatile tool.  In this case for communication.  My other favourite was Crooked.  All of the images on the wall are straight on the horizon however the frames are not.  This is a nightmare if you have OCD.  Do you straighten the frames or the image...  You decide