Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Word of the day - Dots

Word of the day - Dots

This is me on my favourite dot couch :)

A quiet spot

A quiet spot

In Melbourne's Botanical gardens overlooking the lake

Truth in photography

This morning truth in photography died a little with the release of Luminar 4 by Skylum.  As evidence I present two images.  The first is the original unedited photo of Frankston pier with an angry sky.  And the second has been edited with Luminar 4 and it's AI Sky Replacement filter.  All of this with one click of a button.  Amazing.

Word of the day - Bags... (Bonus edition)

I really like this side portrait taken at Flinders Street station here in Melbourne.  If you say to meet under the clocks any Melburnian will know where you mean. This girl was waiting for a friend under the clocks.  As a double bonus, I have included a second image of when they found each other.

On this day - 19th of November

19th of November

In 2015 we had these flowers in the house and Penny was pleased :)