Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The road trip

Word of the day bonus edition

This was taken as part of a series of photos taken at two minute intervals while on a trip to Mildura.  I had the camera on the back seat of the car on a tripod.  The camera has a built in itervalometer.  It is not quite what I envisaged when I had the idea.  It would probably work better in a convertible with the roof down and the camera a little bit higher

Word of the day - Automobiles

I think today's theme was inspired by a new car.  Mine is not so new...  Pictured is a three wheeled Reliant Robin, favoured by Mr Bean.  This one was at my local shopping centre.


On this day - 26th of November

In 2015 I got my inner rock start on.  However the perception from part of me was that I did not want to see, hear or speak of my performance.  Lucky Patch was there to protect me