Tuesday, August 25, 2020


 A daffodil, watercolour and pencil.  This was created while I was sitting having a cup of coffee the other day.  The bones was about 5 or 10 minutes with a little touch here and there the next day.

12paof2020 - August assignment : Silly

With all the conspiracy theorists around right now I decided to show how silly they look while trying to be serious.  At least I have my personal tin foil hat when they come with the mind control device :)

Windows 95... I remember you well

 25 years ago Windows 95 was unleashed on the world.  I remember at the time thinking how awesome it was.  The thing that stuck with me the most was Edie Brickell and the song Good times which was featured on the install CD.  To celebrate 25 years here it is again.  Good times indeed.  Life was simpler then