Friday, November 19, 2021

Stop right now

To all those people that believe that it is fashionable, or the myriad other reasons to not get vaccinated. I ask you to stop right now.  You are not cool you are not fashionable, you are not even making sense in some cases...  You are selfish. You will only hurt yourself, your friends, family and others around you.  Some people cannot get vaccinated and you are putting them at a higher risk of serious illness and even death.  

The stakes are very high.  As at today in Australia we have had 194,119 cases and 1,922 deaths.  Near enough to 1 in 100 who have got COVID 19 in Australia have died.  Now if you take away the numbers that have been fully vaccinated and got COVID 19 (Very few of these go to hospital let alone die) and you will find yourself in a lottery where the chances of survival are slim at best.  Don't be that person.  

Do not expect me to have any sympathy for you when you get sick.  Do not expect me to care if you are increasingly ostracised from society.  You have a choice.  Get vaccinated and carry on living or not and potentially suffering the consequences. As so many of you have pointed out it is your choice and you are welcome to it.  Even if it is selfish.

This image also works for Word of the day - Palm  and on this day as I just took it for this post :)

Across the lotus

Word of the day Palm.  View across the lotus flowers at the Botanic gardens in Melbourne.

Holy cow

Congratulations Penny on a first place for the word cow in the current scavenger hunt.  This makes up for the break in on my car while we were out taking this photo.

Up on the stage

Congratulations Penny for your third place in the current scavenger hunt.  The word is backlight