Sunday, October 27, 2019

IP address black hole on a unifi USG router

IP address black hole on a unifi USG router

Recently I have had someone trying to brute force a login onto my NAS box here and they were constantly using the same IP address.  So I decided to research how to stop a specific IP address from connecting to my network from the internet.  I have a USG Pro4 router which is an excellent device if you are prepared to put in the time to learn the intricacies of how it works.

To black hole an address

Navigate to Settings/Routing & Firewall and click on create a new rule

Use the settings below.  Note that you will need to "CREATE IPV4 ADDRESS GROUP".  I called mine "Black hole" to make it obvious what it is for.

Once this is done click Save.  What this does is drop all incoming packets from any IP address defined in the "Black hole" group.

To black hole an IP address simply navigate to Settings/Routing & Firewall/Groups and select Edit

Add the IP address and click Save.  That IP address will no longer be able to connect to your network. my list is below

Scavenger hunt 26

Hunt 26

The images below are what I submitted for the last scavenger hunt run at this url  This hunt is explained there.  For this hunt they had a theme of "Welcome to Oz" and all of the words related to the wizard of Oz movie.  The images displayed are my interpretations of these words. Left to right, courage, curtain, road, coward, selective colour, sepia, monkey and rainbow.  There are two other words (home and wizard) that I did not submit an image for.  This is the first time that I have not completed the task. 

To make things a little difficult I had a mini sub theme where all images needed to contain the colour green.  This rather complicated my sepia image.  I got around this by using the emerald station sign in my image.  Emerald is green isn't it?  

I am very happy with the images that I produced for this round with courage receiving a third place and an honourable mention from the judging panel and coward received a total of three honourable mentions from the Judges