Monday, October 28, 2019

Jells park sunrise

Sunrise over Jells park lake.  Just a hint of fog over the water...  PERFECT!

Word of the day - cantankerous

I think someone is unhappy with Ben...

Also have spelling issues. :)

Spotted on the water wall  Melbourne city square


This is a Pacer dinghy taken at Parkdale beach on a warm summers day

The Pacer used to be known as a Puffin but after the hull size was increased to make it more of a family sized dinghy the name was changed.   Looks like a lot of fun.  More information at the link below

Alone on 13th beach

Alone on 13th beach in high key.  This was taken on the 1st of February 2015 when I went down to Geelong to watch the Cadel Evans road race.  The race was excellent.  At the time I missed this image and while looking for another image this morning I stumbled on to it and saw something that I hadn't noticed before.  It says something for holding on to old images...  Even ones that you think don't work at the time.