Monday, December 16, 2019


Okay...  It seems that I am on a roll... "Apple and Pear" pop art. 
Hand painted fruit scanned and digitally altered

The big bite

More modern art....  "The big bite"


After the recent banana gaffer taped to a wall art...  I am calling this modern art...

It is "Appeeling"

Word of the day - Gold

More gold in this image than pretty much anywhere on the planet.  This is the Kalgoorlie superpit...  This is a very big hole in the ground.

On the beach

Actress Amy Raffe at St Kilda beach in a publicity shot for a play called "Toorak rules" that did not go into production


This picture of reindeer carrots that was a candidate for on this day (16/12/18) has a best before 22/12/2018.  These are obviously aimed at kids.  What message does it send that we feed Santa's reindeer food that is less than optimal.  Fresh food people... Indeed :)

On this day - 16th of December

in 2013 I took my first moon shot.  This is the result.  Not too bad for a first attempt.