Thursday, January 23, 2020

Word of the day - Lens Flare

with added rainbow.  This one was on our trip to Port Fairy

Commuters in the rain

All with one goal....  To get to work

Swanston street in the rain

We have had the gamut of weather this summer. Heat, cold, fire and today was rain.


I love taking photos on rainy days...  The colours, reflections makes for all kinds of awesome

The morning victuals

Breakfast this morning was this awesome cinnamon porridge.  This was how it was delivered to my table courtesy of Humbaba in Dorcas Street...  Yum!

On this day - 23rd of January

in 2014 I had my first foray into slow shutter release photography.  I purchase a variable density ND filter and went to the beach early in the morning.  All the images were overexposed.  I cleaned this up.