Thursday, February 20, 2020

Death ray over the MCG

This was the scen this morning from Gosch's paddock in Richmond.  It reminds me of the martians from war of the worlds...

It was begging for the cinematic treatment


Walking from the station yesterday morning I spotted this couple just standing under an umbrella in the rain.  I am not sure what they were doing but as I walked past I thought that I might be able to get a good picture of them with the city waking up behind them.  I asked if I could take their photo and they agreed.

What I forgot was to get their details to send the photo to them.  I am sure they would be happy with this :) 

Oh and it also works for Rule of thirds Julianne

Scavenger hunt day 6 - Jam

Day six of reveals and todays word is hunt. 
This is my interpretation.
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On this day - 20th of February

in 2018 I was chasing bokeh and failing.  But I did get this bench seat down on the Yarra near Sandridge rail bridge