Saturday, February 22, 2020

On this day - 22nd of February

In 2015 I took a picture of the love locks on the Evan Walker bridge.  They were there until the government got involved.  Personally I think the government needs to leave love to the people and if an individual wants to express their undying love for another then they should be allowed to do it. 

Apparently the weight of the locks was making the bridge unsafe.  I am calling BS on that one.  I have seen 1000 people on that bridge.  It is not falling down any time soon.


  1. I guess it is made of sturdy stuff than the "love lock bridge " Pont des Arts in Paris, apparently , in 2014 part of the bridge gave way , nearly 1 million locks weighing around 45 tons! were removed" ❤

    1. Apparently they removed 10 tons of locks. The bridge in Paris was probably the reason they were removed :)


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