Sunday, January 19, 2020

SCCM PXE boot error “Windows Failed to start Status: 0xc0000001”

For my regular readers...  If you do not know what SCCM is then there is no need to read further :)

I recently came across this error at a site that I am working at and decided to document the root cause

For the background.  All computers are entered into SCCM using the name that the computer will be and either the MAC address or UUID. 

In my troubleshooting of this error I found no help in the smspxe.log file.  It implied that the PXE handoff was a success.  Basically WinPE was failing to boot immediately after the PXE server completed verifying the device..  What I eventually discovered was that.  The computer was not a member of any collection associated with a deployment Task Sequence and hence had no boot image assigned.  I have since created a collection and assigned a task sequence that is assigned automatically to all known end user devices.

I spent an hour on this so am posting it both for my benefit and to save others the time searching.  Note this should only occur when you are attempting to image a known computer.

Just to note that his also applies to MECM "Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager"

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