Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Word of the day - Flags

For Australia this design represents ground zero for democracy.  This is the original hand drawn design of the Eureka flag as used at the Eureka stockade in Ballarat.  I saw this at the Ballarat fine art museum.  Sadly it is not always on display.  If you are there it would be worth asking if you can see it. 

I originally posted this image back in October 2013.  Here is what I said about it then,

"Today marks 160 years since the Eureka stockade at Ballarat in Victoria.  This event is arguably the birthplace of Australian democracy.  If you accept this then the attached image is probably the single most important document in Australia.  This is the original hand drawn design of the Eureka flag.  I took this last year at the Ballarat fine art gallery.  I have been back since in an attempt to get a better image however I was unable to locate the document again."

I have also included a copy of the actual Eureka flag (or what is left of it) that is currently located at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (MADE) along with some documentation verifying the flags authenticity.

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