Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Windows 10 if it was created by Apple

I have read about this in my newsfeed a couple of times in the last couple of days...  This has to be a joke.  If you like using a MAC that is great.  I fail to see how turning Windows 10 into an Apple device will improve things. 

Windows 10 is fine.  If you don't like it then the answer is simple...  Don't use it.  Get a MAC.  If Apple are as good at writing the software that you like (clearly they aren't or you wouldn't be asking for changes to make it more like Windows 10) then you wouldn't need any changes.

Here is a link to one of the articles

If Windows 10 was made by Apple

To me the concept looks like something a child would use. Why do you need two menus?  It has a "Start menu" and the Apple menu up the top. 

They are not the same and never will be get over it.

My opinion is that Windows 10 is getting better with every release and right now is a very robust operating system.  My experience with Apple devices is limited but the times I have needed to use it to support end users has left me unimpressed.  Everything is counter-intuitive to my workflow on Windows 10.  That does not mean it is terrible.  Simply that it works differently to what I am used to.

For the record I work as a specialist in Windows deployment and would describe myself as a high level professional on the subject.

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