Saturday, November 9, 2019

Painted tree

Painted tree

In April 2017 autumn was in full swing here in Melbourne and I had been wanting to make an image of a tree where I combined a large number of images to make something that was not quite a tree.  What I ended up with was the image that you see below.  I called it the "Painted tree".  This image was created from a total of 13 pictures of the same tree.  How did I achieve this result you may ask?  The answer is surprisingly easy and later today I will post detailed instructions, so that you can have a go at it yourself.

Raw photos can be found here.  Feel free to download them and have a play to see what you can come up with

I will use tree_01.NEF as the base for my image and will need to remove the power pole, power lines, fire hydrant, lock and vehicle trailer from this image before proceeding.  Have fun

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