Wednesday, November 27, 2019

On this day 27th of November

in 2016 I was taking pictures of a globe to use as the base image for a snow globe that I was creating to use for the word Winter in scavenger hunt 19.  Of course coming into summer we get to try to create a winter photo.  That is where you need to be creative.  This image is a composite created in photo shop from two photos of mine the base image along with a photo that I took of a friend of mine.  For completeness I have included the images used to create the composite.  The challenge was to retain the globe along with reflections (although I had to morph them to remove the reflection of a large polka dot umbrella) and still be able to identify the image inside.  I also added additional snow falling in the same direction that it was at the time the image was taken.  For those that may be interested in participating in the scavenger hunt round 27 is taking participants from the weekend of the 7th of December and you can join up here Subscribe to the mailing list and you will get an email with the details when it is time.  The scavenger hunt is not about taking the best photos or being the best at editing in Photoshop.  It is about challenging yourself to do the best that you can, getting out taking photos and most of all having fun.


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